Pills, Pills, and More Pills!

So, here I am again about to embark on the telling of a subject that involves the media. By now, I realize how often I have been spending my time watching television! NOT GOOD. Mostly at my boyfriend’s house, I sit down alongside my man and his roommates to ignite the last social hours of the night before crashing. In the midst of comedic story telling, jokes and miming, and some medicating we laugh and sometimes just result in watching the television which is always on (so sad, but they’ve got tevo). And now, by medicating I mean.. well before I get any off the wall judgements thrown my away I must emphasize that both my boyfriend and I are cannabis patients. Yes, we have a certified, official card which we are allowed to use in the state of California for medical use. No I am not a dumbie, coach potato looser that stares at psychedelic paintings for hours on end, we both have chronic symptoms that we choose to foster with the consumption of natural herbs. I am no criminal. With that, I bring up this argument; why is it that every commercial on every channel seems to be an ad for a new pill? Pills, pills, and more pills! As if our nation isn’t already crazy enough.. why not just pump us with chemicals that will in tern become a dependency of some sort. What hypocrites to talk down on natural herbs and maintain it illegal in some places, only to promote chemical use in every form that will fit into a capsule! Now we’ve got pills for EVERYTHING! You name the symptom you have, a med is on the market waiting for YOU, the consumer to do what Americans do best.. CONSUME. Whatever happened to natural healing, actually taking at-least 10 minutes of your days to take a few deep breaths, eat something that derives from the earth, or at-least walk to work if it’s only a few blocks. I feel like as human beings, we are becoming weaker by depriving our selves of the essencial elements we need in our everyday lives. I can’t sit here and say that I am perfect, I know I don’t exercise as much as I should and I probably eat dinner way too late at night which makes me feel nasty in the morning but I keep doing it. I know that we all have very busy, turbulent lives that at times prevent us from doing what is good for self. But think about it, the only self you got is YOU. Why depend on these chemical based capsules to make you feel better, instead of actually taking a little bit more time to do inquiry on what is really nutritious for the spirit as well as the body. They go hand in hand, ya know. It’s  sad to admit that I come from a family of women whom, when gaining wait resort to purchasing the latest diet pill or liposuction. COME ON. Our society seems to always want results so fast, fast, fast but things are accomplished so much better when they are not done in haste. All I am saying is, let’s take a little time to care about our selves, to really focus on longevity when in regard to your health and not so much appearance and quick results.


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