Oh, America.

So, it’s  Tuesday and I dive into my day just like any other. Begin my necessary hygiene related routine, grab an on the go bite and storm off for my Psych class. The rain is pouring from the heavens and for some reason I have one of those eerie clairvoyant feelings in my stomach. I finally arrive at school safely from the slippery highway and I struggle to find parking. When I do, I emerge from my vehicle toward the arts extension building. After class is over I go home and turn on the news as it is announced that Anna Nicole Smith has tragically passed away. It is now, about two weeks later and all I hear and see is more dialogue and imagery of Anna Nicole; and I am about to go insane. While congress is in the midst of debate on condoning to send more troops to Iraq, the Bush administration potentially planning to invade Iran, and the up coming 2008 presidential election approaches.. the media raves about Anna Nicole’s drug problems and Britney Spears’ bald head. Is it just me, or is there a conspiracy, being conspired by some force that wears the mask of the media in order to covertly feed us worthless information?! Worthless information which will attempt to program the general public to divert our attentions from the REAL ISSUES that are pulsating around the world. I am tired of hearing about celebritie’s going to rehab on CNN, a network that is supposed to be providing useful and intellectual 411 but totally does the contrary. I know I naturally over-analyse everything, but I think this is beyond me. We are living in a country that is lead by hypocrites and illusionists that want us to be dumbed down. They want us to be oblivious to the truths that exists and exude human blood and injustice around the world. As soon as I finish my A.A, I intend to leave this place. I don’t know where I am going, but I know that my future lays outside of this country. Ideally, I would create my own world, my own little town or country. A place where all who roam there are free from racial categorizations of any kind,  a place where people around the world could reside, no boarders to divide us. A place that is not territory but simply.. a home.


3 Responses to “Oh, America.”

  1. condonsclass Says:

    Commercial tv news is not really news. Its purpose is to grab our attention not to inform. Personally I do not watch tv, but if you want to watch tv news that contains information try BBC or PBS. I think you find what you are looking for on these stations. What the other stations are showing us is sad commentary on our society. I would not call it news.

  2. condonsclass Says:

    not really news

  3. xfrisco415x Says:

    I do not watch the news at all. It seems like the media exaggerates the stories that are told. The only things that they show are the one’s that interest the public. Of course, why wouldn’t they? The news never really showed the lives of our soldiers in Irag or how many have died. They don’t show the good things that other people are doing around the country. All it seems are either violence, politics, or entertainment. Take the Anna Nicole case for example, the media has been showing day to day events about it since her death. When will that stop? I’m not sure if it will because the media will probably follow her son’s life. Well, that is America. Watching the movie, “Bowling for Columbine”, I was just thinking that what if our news informs us similar stuff that the Canadian news do? Will it promote better environment for us?

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